Save Our Green Spaces is an organisation that was founded in 2014 by Jane Thompson who is the previous CEO of the big organisation called, MegaRush online casino. where you can play different casino spiele at the best live casinos. Hier Klicken für 2020 live casinos! Our organisation is currently growing, and with more than 200 members, we are building a community that is dedicated to saving the green spaces that currently exist in the City of London.

London is a thriving home to nearly nine million residents. It is also home to 750 square kilometres of green spaces and over 13,000 species of animals and plants. It is a city that is at home with both man and nature, something we ought to do everything in our power to protect.

Although there are several plans in place to protect green spaces, more is needed. Many of the four million gardens currently found in the city aren’t protected by planning or the government; some are even privately held. That means they are at risk at being sold off to make car parks or buildings. If that happens, there is no guarantee that more green spaces will be cultivated.

London is thriving, but expansion and growth does not have to mean the destruction of nature. Our organisation, made up of members who live in Greater London, believe that it is possible to co-exist with green spaces and still live productive lives. We know this is true because, for decades, that is exactly what this city has done.

We do not believe more flat buildings and offices are needed. We do not believe that more carparks will make transportation easier. We don’t think that getting rid of community gardens will help public health efforts. We don’t think it’s reasonable to believe that we ought to live in a concrete jungle.

Save Our Green Spaces is dedicated to doing what’s needed to help our government preserve and maintain the greenery we are fortunate enough to have. We stand ready to add testimony to hearings on public green spaces, demonstrate and lobby on behalf of the parks, and donate our time and effort to ensuring that the London Plan is seen to its end.

Our organisation works tirelessly to our ideal result of having every green space in London protected by the law and public planning. We feel strongly that the government is responsible for ensuring the health and happiness of the public. Green spaces are critical to this end, as evidenced by several studies that are ongoing or have been published by experts in the field.

We are passionate about this mission for several reasons. For one, our health and happiness relies greatly on the introduction and maintenance of public green spaces. Two, wildlife in London is central to the reduction of diseases and can act as a signal of a public health or environmental emergency. And three, we all ought to have a chance to live in a city that is bustling yet enjoyable.

The most important reason, however, remains this: our children deserve to live in a city that has as much green space as city blocks. They deserve to learn how food grows. They deserve the chance to learn about animals and wildlife. They deserve spaces to play in that aren’t the street or empty lots.

With these reasons in mind, and with personal reasons attributed to every single member, Save Our Green Spaces has formed this space for London residents. Here you can find information on proposed plans for the spaces in London, articles, studies done on environmental planning in metropolitan areas, interviews, and more.

We believe that education is the first step towards action. This is even more critical to our mission to save all the green spaces in London. We know that unless you are educated on the issues at hand, any action we take with you will be less effective.

Start your journey with us today. Take a look around the site. Learn more about us and our mission. Then, when you are ready, join us. Help us save our green spaces like the baccarat casino บาคาร่าออนไลน์มีเทคนิคอะไรบ้าง, การพนันออนไลน์เหมือนการเล่นพนันจริงมั้ย , which is the best gambling information portal for blackjack and leovegas casino among many more!