About Us

Save Our Green Spaces was created to preserve and educate the public about London’s best feature: the green spaces. Our belief is that these parks, big and small, deliver not just beauty to our bustling city, but also benefits to every resident who uses them. And, as an organisation that is based right here in London, we are committed to ensuring that not only do the parks remain open but thrive with proper maintenance.

We are an organisation of over 200 members that are dedicated to lobbying both the government and residents for more protection of these sacred spaces. We come from all walks of life but have been brought together by our mutual love of these parks and green spaces.

Our founder, Jane Thompson, is our most ardent campaigner. She has been successful in rallying communities together to lobby their politicians for more funds for the green spaces in their communities, but, as she reminds us, more work must be done. As long as these green spaces are not protected, there will be a need for our organisation.

Fresh air and nature have been known to lift spirits and contribute to happy and healthy residents. We believe that green spaces are the best way to continue to bring those gifts to London, and we are passionate about keeping these green spaces alive.

Our Vision

We want to see a London that is the perfect marriage of urban living amongst a space filled with thriving wildlife. We want London to embrace the natural habitat it was built within and allow it to benefit its residents. In short, we want to see our city evolve to understand the importance of greenery within the city limits and allow it to expose all of us to the beauty that nature has to offer us.

Our Mission

It’s simple: we want to see our vision come to life. We want to build a London that has a large, and well-maintained, system of parks and green spaces that benefit every neighborhood located within the city limits. We want to preserve the spaces we have and build funds to protect and maintain them.

These spaces ought to be protected by laws to ensure their destruction can only be guaranteed by referendum, thereby saving the spaces we have for future generations to enjoy. Our mission is to protect all green spaces by law and find viable ways to keep them running.

Our Role

Our role is to ensure that London residents understand the importance of green spaces, why they should be accessible to everyone, and why they are so beneficial to every resident. In this way, we will become educators. We will do this by doing research, gaining counsel by scientists and experts in the field, and then distributing the information to Londoners.

An additional, but no less important, role is to encourage engagement in this issue by London residents. We want to help organise people to get them involved in saving the parks and green spaces that we have and potentially, in the future, building new spaces. We will build a letter and phone call templates for people to use when phoning their representatives in government, organise marches and events, and become a voice in London politics to champion our mission.

To learn more about our organisation, please sign up for our newsletter or browse the site at your leisure. We look forward to you joining in our campaign to save our green spaces.